HEPHTEC U.K. Engineers have a wealth of knowledge and experience with regard to the many differing manufactures of machinery and equipment types involved in the Processing , Packaging, Plastics & Print Industries. From one machine to a multitude of high volume operations we are totally aware of the reliance your business has on producing quality products on time and within budget.

From machine selection, design and tooling we offer a service that maintains reliability and customer-driven ethics.

We are practical in our approach and our skilled Engineers are the backbone of our company.

We are able to provide Emergency Breakdown Support and Integrated Maintenance Systems in all areas of engineering principles, developing sustainability and support for you, your machinery and your customers.

With HEPHTEC U.K. as your partner you are assured to have chosen the winning team.
With over 60 years experience of Engineering Technology

We can provide systems and service for the many differing sectors of the F.M.C.G. Industries. We thoroughly understand the inner and outer workings of machines, from conventional applications to the intricacies of machine design and highly accurate systems.

We have facilitated production requirements for customers internationally and from a wide industrial base including - processing of Convenience Foods, Bottling, Packaging, Printing, Consumer Goods decoration and marking.

We are able to source quality replacement parts for major O.E.M through our parts recovery service.

Most parts for our current standard product line are available for immediate delivery and offer a return to works service & part exchanges where possible.
Custom Machinery to Fit Your Needs.

If you are in need of a machine to fill a niche, we can help. By either converting an existing machine to special uses or building one from scratch, you can get a machine to handle your needs that very few manufactures can provide.

From concept to completion, we will work with you every step of the way to make sure the finished product performs precisely the way you require.

New products or just the same old problems?

Unsure of developing the right Tooling, Jigs & Fixtures. Worn parts and poor machine control producing less Quantity and poor Quality ?

We can advise and facilitate your systems, improve your downtime, solve production problems and help increase targets.
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